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Answers to the most commonly asked questions about GuppY are to be found online in the GuppY FAQ.

If you do not find an answer to all of your questions in the FAQ, then you might want to ask them in the GuppY Forum where the whole GuppY team and many other users will be more than happy to help you.

Creation date :06/12/2004 @ 04:00Last update :26/04/2006 @ 11:54

Two main reasons lead me to develop GuppY. I wanted a small portal for my own personal web site (aldweb Site) that would allow:

- a native bilingual management of the content, the user only having to choose his language when getting on the site. Only Minicontent answered to this constraint... but it required to install a MySQL database and few functionalities were available apart from the standard CMS (Contact Management System).

- a simple script that would not require a database. I then looked at Portix and Phortail. The first one, Portix, is in great development but it is starting to become quite complex and, last news, it now comes with a user management which I did not want of. The second one, Phortail, was much more simple, even too basic, but it was healthy. Therefore, it was a source of inspiration for my own development of GuppY.

So, at the end, I decided myself to write my own script, with the idea of sharing it with everybody that would be interested, so I tried to get it as "user friendly" as I could. And this is how GuppY was born

Creation date :06/12/2004 @ 04:00Last update :26/04/2006 @ 11:53

From all the little web portals that I could find while looking for the perfect web portal, Phortail is by far the one that had the user interface that I prefered. Furthermore, the concept and architecture of Phortail were good. But the PHP script of Phortail needed a serious remastering.

So, Phortail was for sure a source of inspiration for GuppY, but you have to know that the PHP coding of GuppY was written at 100% "from scratch" to be more efficient, more flexible and more secure.

To sum up, here are the inspiration sources on GuppY of the 3 tools Phortail, Portix and Minicontent:
- Phortail : the general concept (with the non use of an external database) and the general look & feel
- Portix : the concept of not using an external database, the quotations... and the willing of doing things in an easier way...
- Minicontent : the bilingual capability and the categories in the papers menu

Creation date :06/12/2004 @ 04:00Last update :06/12/2004 @ 04:00

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GuppY, the kiss web portal that requires no database to run, is now available in Release 4.5


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