Why did you develop GuppY?

Two main reasons lead me to develop GuppY. I wanted a small portal for my own personal web site (aldweb Site) that would allow:

- a native bilingual management of the content, the user only having to choose his language when getting on the site. Only Minicontent answered to this constraint... but it required to install a MySQL database and few functionalities were available apart from the standard CMS (Contact Management System).

- a simple script that would not require a database. I then looked at Portix and Phortail. The first one, Portix, is in great development but it is starting to become quite complex and, last news, it now comes with a user management which I did not want of. The second one, Phortail, was much more simple, even too basic, but it was healthy. Therefore, it was a source of inspiration for my own development of GuppY.

So, at the end, I decided myself to write my own script, with the idea of sharing it with everybody that would be interested, so I tried to get it as "user friendly" as I could. And this is how GuppY was born