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GuppY: the easy and free web portal that requires no database to run

Plagiarism - by RV 15/09/2007 @ 07:50

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New release GuppY 4.6.3 - by Ghazette 05/09/2007 @ 11:11

Release 3 of Guppy corrections:- new: added duplicate for article, blog, news, etc... in, thanks JeanMi- added administrator valivation for reaction on articles and blog comments- newsletter activation is now in services config with optionnal test of email server- you can display a plugin (or special box) in welcome page page, thanks JeanMi- deletion of current language icon in menubar- corrected links for supervision mails in postguest- better mail test in . . .  

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miniGuppY 4.6.2 : GuppY server anywhere - by HubbY 11/08/2007 @ 22:55

Look at downloads, miniGuppY is a nice package running on Windows and including:- a light web server, ZazouMiniWebServer 1.2.4- PHP 5.2.3- GuppY 4.6.2It will replace EasyGuppY to create a cool and light web server on your computer, either on hard disk or on USB key (even on CD but just for demonstration).Easy to install, no registration and no config are needed, miniGuppY is available on USB key...Install miniGuppY, click the miniGuppY icon and your GuppY is displayed... . . .  

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New release GuppY 4.6.2 - by JeandePeyrat 05/08/2007 @ 08:25

A new release of GuppY is available here.What's new?- corrected css-validator link in corrected screen_choice in corrected blog display and missing end of page in blogrss.php- modification of select size in admin/inc/config6 and css rubr of new email testing process in newsletter.php- test email corrected in newsletter listing- corrected insert of CSS for IE in pgeditor- corrected DBNEWS item in functions.php- corrected p tag in agenda.php . . .  

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

Migration of our server from Courbevoie to Sophia Antipolis. - by JeandePeyrat 05/07/2007 @ 11:41

Hello to all. Unless anything unforeseen or last minute happens our dedicated server accommodated by our partner Nuxit in DataCenter Redbus to Courbevoie (92, FR) should migrate this day Thursday, 05/07/2007 in the after noon or the evening or tomorrow on Friday, 06/07/2007, towards Sophia Antipolis's DataCenter (06, FR). We do apologize for the inconveniences which it can lead and we shall make everything by means of the technicians of Nuxit to limit them to the . . .  

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New version 4.6.1 - by RV 04/07/2007 @ 15:44

v4.6.1 - 7 July 2007- correction last message in forum and fortopic.php- corrections javascript in postguest.php- modification after pb in faq link and download- correction padding classf rubr for style.css on each skin- correction couic éditor IE- modification test  cookie in correction thread modification in correction caractèrs  in FCKeditor- modification PathAbs() in functions.php- correction supervision mail . . .  

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- by HubbY 17/06/2007 @ 00:26

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

The new version 4.6.0 of GuppY is available and is waiting for you : !!! - by JeandePeyrat 03/06/2007 @ 22:50

Hello all,This version is not a revolution but an ultime evolution of GuppY within the 4.x.x series Here are the main innovations : The great one : a Blog !Engine :* XHTML Validation* Use of FCKEditor in its capacity as WYSIWYG editor* Use of PGeditor in its capacity as standard editor* Replacement of the short php tags for ensure php5 compatibility* Many many little modifications here and there to improve a lot of thingsInterface :* Home : Choose between Blog . . .  

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New top-of-the-range Service - by JeandePeyrat 23/04/2007 @ 21:59

 Our partner Nuxit  Start a new service  >> to be discover HERE.  

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Patch 4.5.18 - by Ghazette 02/04/2007 @ 21:41

Following issues with some hosts, in particular "Online", this patch contains a range of corrections which optimizes the GuppY's code and corrects some forsaken bugs Extract from readme.txt :v4.5.18 - 1 Avril 2007- correct FAQ member area- correct links mailto in Recommend and Webmaster contact mails- correct display bug of poll section in case of a second vote with IE- correct a link in the mobile version- Pseudo is readonly when you modify your account. In . . .  

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