What's the relationship between GuppY, Phortail, Portix and Minicontent?

From all the little web portals that I could find while looking for the perfect web portal, Phortail is by far the one that had the user interface that I prefered. Furthermore, the concept and architecture of Phortail were good. But the PHP script of Phortail needed a serious remastering.

So, Phortail was for sure a source of inspiration for GuppY, but you have to know that the PHP coding of GuppY was written at 100% "from scratch" to be more efficient, more flexible and more secure.

To sum up, here are the inspiration sources on GuppY of the 3 tools Phortail, Portix and Minicontent:
- Phortail : the general concept (with the non use of an external database) and the general look & feel
- Portix : the concept of not using an external database, the quotations... and the willing of doing things in an easier way...
- Minicontent : the bilingual capability and the categories in the papers menu