Skins (GuppY)

You deal with Skins in v4.6 same way as in v4.5
How to proceed :
the various sections of configuration of the "look" of your Website were joined together in a common zone (Skin Configuration)
What you must keep in mind, it is that you can modify only the skin that you see
In other words, if you chose "Original skin" in your preferences, you will modify only the skin selected in config site (Default skins theme: ).
It will be the same for the boxes configuration , you can reorganize only boxes for the skin you see !
Thus: if you wish to modify another skin than the one selected in your Default skins theme you will have to choose this other skin in your preferences during your modifications .

Don't forget to generate the style sheet of your skin. The you can update that based style sheet if needed, or generate again a new one.
Generally we need tomodify rights for the config flies (see chmod).