Versions history (GuppY)

v5.0 (AND following ones, perhaps not all of this wish list will be done in that release)
- currently under development -
- Overall objective: with the 4.x series, we achieve a functional maturity level. Now, we will focus our work on new technicals for more user friendliness and better managing. KISS...
- Optimization of standards compliance
- Take care of your suggestions posted on FreeGuppY

v4.6.0 - 04 June 2007
- NEW : Guppy has now it's own blog !!!
- new forum release more efficient, with it's own configuration page (with charter)
- edition of the posts by their respective authors and the admin/modérateurs
- access to the fast administration for the collaborators
- added optionnal charter display in fortopic module
- standard XHTML compliance
- change TypeTool wysiwyg editor by FCKeditor, much in
- replacement of the admin mini-editor
- replacement of the wywiwyg editor of postguest
- new photo et photorama modules
- corrected display bug in download, faq and links modules
- corrected vulnerability of archbatch.php and nwlmail.php
- optional posting of the licence when downloading protected software
- more efficient accessibility and better management with javascript disabled
- choice of displayed page width (1024 or full size)
- choice of full width display for forum and blog
- correction of the calendar
- improvement of the boxes positions (on top, at the bottom, in the center, on the sides)
- management of the skins individualized and coupled with the boxes positions
- integrated management of the style sheet css (generation, modification)
- added plugins management rights for writers
- added disconnect/reconnect in user box with temporary save of your cookie
- contact webmaster via the majority of messengers software
- improved choice of the preferred message of the gold book in home page
- improvement of the characters accentuated treatment in the name/pseudo
- corrected php short tags for php5 compatibility

v4.5.18 - 1 Avril 2007
- correct FAQ member area
- correct links mailto in Recommend and Webmaster contact mails
- correct display bug of poll section in case of a second vote with IE
- correct a link in the mobile version
- Pseudo is readonly when you modify your account. In other case a new member is create.
- Delete in admin counters the text over central box wich don't need to be here
- correct function PathToImage()
- correct 30 or 31 february display in calendrar

v4.5.17 - 31 Janvier 2007
-correction vulnerability of error.php found by rgod
- correction

v4.5.16 - January 28, 2007
- correct function PathToImage()
- correct
- correct download.php - faq.php - links.php
- add function IncrNextID() to avoid crushing an old document at the time of the creation of a new document

v4.5.15 - 27 January 2007
- correction in case of one element in article in the left article box.
- correct the invertion between creation and modification in FAQ
- correct news in secund language
- correct photorama for inbriqued galery
- correct calendar box show if agenda is not activated.
- correct postguest to disalow pust in unactivated services.
- correct dwnld.php ($ญญ­­­­­­­­­serviz[10] instead of $ญญ­­­­­­­­­serviz[35])
- improvement of list of the subscribers to the neswletter
- presentation of the most recent subscribers at the beginning of list
- possibility of multiple deletions in only one action
- presentation of the list by page of a maximum of 25 subscribers
- correct tinymsg.php (deletion of the maxlength="10")
- improvement of the PathToImage function to also correct the urls links

v4.5.14 - Mai 19, 2006
- updating errors of 4.5.13 patch

v4.5.13 - Mai 19, 2006
- correction of the files download.php, faq.php, links.php and
- correction of the test prohibiting the use of the pseudo "Your Name" in newsletter.php
- replacement of getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT") by $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] in
- suppression of the posting of the reactions for the non-members in articles.php
- correction of posting in photorama.php
- correction of the activation of news RSS in
- correction of the agenda for the second language
- improvement of the search engine to respect the restrictions "members"

v4.5.12 - March 9, 2006
- correction vulnerability of dwnld.php found by

v4.5.11 - December 25, 2005
- correction second language in search.php
- correction of the initialization of the parameters of the anti-spam
- correction of the forced color with white for the icon "minus" of the downloads
- correction of a test in the admin of the diary/calendar
- standardization of the pages downloads, links and faq
- filling of the cells of the calendar beyond the last day of the month
- addition of a warning for the administrator when its site is in work
- addition of controls in case of files absent, empty or corrupted
Suggestions box n°63
- interdition of the indexing of the error and newsrss pages by the robots
Suggestions box n°48
- suppression of the underlining of the current page in the bar of navigation
Suggestions box n°64
- addition of the text of the response on a subject of the forum in the mall of follow-up of a subject
Suggestions box n°46
- correction of the return systematically in principal language at the time of the inscription of a visitor
Suggestions box n°70
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of downloads (by &pg=99)
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of links (by &pg=99)
- addition of a posting unfolded when one reaches only one page of faq (by &pg=99)
Suggestions box n°28
- addition of the choice of the state (active or not) of the elements created in admin.

v4.5.10 - November 29, 2005
- correction of 5 vulnerabilties by rgod

v4.5.9 - November 27, 2005
- correction of the selector of colors
- correction of the menus articles under FireFox
- minor corrections in many files
- improvement of the archiving of the forum and the control of integrity
- improvement of postguest.php

v4.5.8 - October 16, 2005
- correction in postguest.php (add the missing break)

v4.5.7 - October 8, 2005
- correction of the poll
- improvement of the mechanism anti-spam
- addition of the parameter setting of the mechanism anti-spam
- correction of a input tag not closed in admin.php
- correction of a head tag badly placed in calendar.php

v4.5.6a - September 28, 2005
- correction of printfaq.php

v4.5.6 - September 27, 2005
- correction of a vulnerability "file transverse flaw" in printfaq.php
- correction of the error count during the control of integrity in batch
- correction of two spelling mistakes in
- improvement of the editor (meta and script) and the preview (flash)

v4.5.5 - September 10, 2005
- correction of the admin. pages of the counters
- correction of the newsletter (addition of the charset)

v4.5.4 - September 6, 2005
- correction of two faults of safety (error.php and printfaq.php) Thank you Romano
- final correction of the diary/calendar (see readme_agenda.txt)
- final correction of the editor

v4.5.3a - 30 August 2005
- correction of the diary into admin/inc/

v4.5.3 - 27 August 2005
- correction of the path of the file RSS (addition of data) thank you Tanet
- correction of the diary/calendar
- correction of the editor (taken into account of the path images, conversion n <=>
into entry and exit)
- correction of General Config (suppression of : = "" // Libre)
- correction of the couic putting the number of answers of the forum at 0 during physical suppressions
- improvement of the shortened news (now in HTML)
- standardization of the bar of navigation (files of the forum and "mobile" part)
- improvement of the control of integrity by batch
- addition of a mechanism anti-spam for all the posts

v4.5.2 - 23 July 2005
- configuration in Config.Services of the number of files to be preserved in data/error
- configuration in Config.Home of the number of characters of the news
- correction of the class CSS of the categories on Download page and Links
- correction of the class CSS of information (dates, counter...) on Articles page
- correction of the path for the correct operation of the "shortcut ico"
- simplification of the selector of image which accepts the sub-directories recursively of img and photo (removal of the files listimg1.php and listimg2.php)
- addition automatic of "/" final of the URL of the site
- improved the e-mails of supervision of the newsletter (e-mail in HTML + links usable)
- correction of the path of the image used by the plugin speed .
- suppression of the r forgotten in inc/mail/ and inc/mail/

v4.5.1 - 07 July 2005
- Corrected collapsed categories list in photorama
- optimized RSS news: new display with ceating date (thanks Tanet)
- corrected mail sending process where needed in many scripts
- corrected inverted summary between Italic and Underline in TypeTool editor
- corrected a typing mistake and modified some pathes in postguest editor (thanks Djchouix)
- Corrected writer connexion (it was able even if Writer option not checked!)
- Corrected eMailHtmlTo() function to include real sender in webmaster mail and recommend)

v4.5.0 - 4 May 2005
- Display managements lists with 25 items a page
- Select actions by check boxes and global execution for all the page
- Separate manager and writer connexion and better multi-management
- New search engine with direct display of items found
- Extension of quick management to all scripts
- Checking tinymsg addresses to prevent mail usurpation
- Partial news on home page (with "see more")
- Dowload, links and FAQ updated as Nicolas's fork
- Now the articles boxes stay opened on the selected article
- Optimization admin editors (popup option) and easier insert of others editors
- Added preview in admin mini-editor
- Optimization postguest editor (newline, forbidden tags, cite, code, preview...)
- Corrected second language of the calendar, today highlighted only for current date
- Added "alt" (thanks Hubby) and title on calendar days
- On the calendar, clicking month name displays month planner, day displaying a summary of an event
- Corrected Planner: displaying events of current month year+1 in now correct
- Compatibility with new PHP releases (whatever are "register_globals", register_long_array", "register_notice")
- Better security in icludes ans constants
- Possible flash banners
- Supervision mails with HTML tags
- Sending mails in multi-formant (text + HTML).
- New webmaster mail and optimized recommendation
- Added reading link on supervision mails
- Newsletter with HTML tags
- Style ans skins optimized by using more div ans css

v4.0 - 06 Décember 2004
- New wysiwyg editor also running with Mozilla and sons... for admin articles.
- Different admin levels
- Admin icon in content for quick access on all document (for webmaster only)
- optionnal members management
- forum and guestbook posts submitted to administrator
- form to write to the webmaster
- new integrated calendar with planner
- title different on each page
- new timy messages manager
- new tiny editor wysiwyg for forum, news, guestbook...
- more efficient counters management
- Best looking forum, and so for all other pages
- send an e-mail to users for new post in a forum thread that users wish to follow

v3.0p2 - 27 March 2004
- compatibility fix: now GuppY is fully compatible with Abyss webserver and IIS (thanks Kromonos and lordloose)
- removed 2 debug information lines forgotten during v3.0 development in the Search script (thanks Realia)
- bug fix in the CSS style sheet (thanks Ouly)
- bug fix in the GuppY skins which fooled Netscape (by Icare)
- corrected the demo database in which some documents had parasitic "" characters

v3.0p1 - 26 February 2004
- bug fix (appeared with v3.0) in migration from v2.3 to v2.4, now migrates correctly the doc[n].inc files
- bug fix, now checks e-mail correctly in the VerifyForm() function in user preferences
- bug fix, now includes Protomail clallss only once in the mail() management
- ergonomic fixes in the e-mails sent when a user subscribes to the newsletter
- bug fix, if no icons set selected, then do not display news image in the RSS news module
- include only once reglobals if required (time saving when in admin)

v3.0 - 25 February 2004
- added a "skins" themes system for boxes (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau). Thanks to Ricsen for designing the submit buttons
- added a newsletter functionality with inscription form (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added a logbook monitoring admin tool (by B@lou, Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- date format display fix in the mobile forum script (by B@lou)
- added possibility to put all boxes on the right side in the user preferences
- added GuppY copyright information on all pages because too many people were hiding that their website was built with GuppY or were definitely usurping the copyright .
- pages compression introduced in v2.4 is now an admin option
- created a plugins management system to ease the integration of plugin scripts to GuppY
- changed sample external files to plugins
- added 2 new options for dynamic list menu (thanks Graznok and Icare)
- added UID management for Tiny Messages
- added check for "(", ")" and ";" characters to avoid Javascript pollution attempts in URL input for guestbook (security improvement)
- added check for too long words (to avoid display misalignment) in user posts, in tiny messages and in user preferences
- Compatibility with php.ini register_globals=off parameter (thanks JonnyQuest)*
- Friendly thanks (but late... because I had forgotten where I had found it!) to Pascal aka "Le Sorcier" ( for the miniportail_1 counter images set (the very first set, included as from version 1.0!)
- also added a new progress bar for pages loading from Pascal aka "Le Sorcier" as well as another one which I do not remember where I found it...
- new batch processing option for the database integrity check
- fixed a bug in the DB integrity check that was so tricky that I just cannot find words to describe it...
- added check for valid forum category in user posts (security enhancement)
- new forum archiving and displaying of this archive module (please note that the search module does not scan the archived forum threads)
- added an option for a "Please Wait..." message while a post is being processed and a check to avoid redundant posting (thanks Icare)
- added a new pages/ directory to put external webpages in (instead of putting them in file/ rather dedicated to files downloads)
- simplified language switch source code in the language selection box
- added focus in tiny message input area (by B@lou)
- fixed bug in search non working for News and Photos
- news are now be published in the RSS standard Web content syndication format instead of a GuppY specific format (thanks Palmipod). This module uses the great GPL licensed lastRSS 0.6 PHP class to parse RSS files (by Vojtech Semecky,, http/
- added an links animation effect option (thanks reddog)
- replaced $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­REQUEST_URI global variable by $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­SCRIPT_NAME for IIS compatibility (thanks Erik)
- changed $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­web30 and $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­web115 labels for better understanding (thanks FabriceV)
- added Title meta tag management (thanks Tanet and Realia)
- upgraded the printable version of articles (thanks tuture and B@lou)
- bug fix in the user preferences that would hide forum signature in a very specific case (thanks bugs974)
- automated return after posting (thanks Icare)
- added 2 new PHP mail() functions standard formats
- thanks to Realia for correcting the French spelling of the lisezmoi.txt file and to Neil for correcting my English in this readme.txt file
- thanks to Realia for upgrading the demo database
- thanks to the GuppY Team members for their hard beta testing!
- first developed plugins in addition to the sample plugins:
- live chat plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- postcards plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- radios plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download
- music plugin (by Nicolas Alves) - NOTICE: separate download

v2.4p4 - 4 October 2003
- Various security corrections (by frog-m@n,, thanks)

v2.4p3 - 29 September 2003
- upgraded the ob_gzhandler functionality (compression of pages), now is done only if relevant (do not trust PHP and browsers anymore)
- added an e-mail add-on for standard PHP mail() function, allowing to send follow-up e-mails to more than one receiver

v2.4p2 - 28 September 2003
- bug correction = some users were suffering from very slow displaying of webpages, it is fixed now (thanks Nicol@s and Arnaud)
- bug correction = counter follow-up e-mail sends back counter value
- bug correction = buttons bar would not appear correctly (centered instead of left aligned) if Stats button was not displayed (Thanks Raiponce)
- Translation upgrade = upgraded a French string (thanks FabriceV)
- bug correction = the search engine would return no answer if the site was monolingual (thanks Laorens)
- XSS security correction in the posting module (by Das,, thanks)

v2.4p1 - 26 September 2003
- bug correction = now script works
- bug correction = now the Stats module counts back the Number of Visitors
- bug correction = now [ back] works after forum thread posting
- bug correction = in mobile version, if no site logo, HTML code is now good (thanks Miche)
- bug correction = some users could not post messages in the guestbook or forum, it is fixed now

v2.4 - 24 September 2003
- added "Page loading" popup
- visitors counter now increments even if counter box not displayed
- show pseudo of users online
- added an icon for articles and news
- added Search in one language only option
- added a new smileys theme
- added section icon in central boxes
- added forum summary on home page (last messages)
- moved homepage parametrization from General config to Services config
- added Guestbook's favourite message on home page
- added homepage's choice of central boxes (homepage box, last news box, forum in live box, favourite guestbook message box)
- added a Config homepage icon in admin
- changed mailto box to default pages' background color (no more white background)
- split dynamic menu line if line too long
- renamed Left and Right Articles boxes to 1st and 2nd Articles boxes
- added react to an article option
- added character set management in all parts it was forgotten: editor, table, special characters, e-mail popup, image picker (thanks Pavol)
- replaced "Webpage Preview" string in the editor by string translated in the adequate language
- upgraded the image picker
- added access to the Image Picker in the admin basic editor
- corrected a bug in the mobile version: the showing of articles for each of the 2 articles boxes is now fine (thanks Hubert)
- added alternative label for language flag images
- added alternative label for site's logo image (name of the site)
- fixed a bug in the DB integrity check that occured when the last document was created but not recorded in the indexes
- changed the tile of the "Webmaster/Site Info" box by the shorter "Webmaster" (thanks Realia)
- dynamic menus are now centered in articles boxes (thanks Pavol)
- smileys now appear when content's text needs to be displayed in the admin's documents list (thanks Pavol)
- added a new "windy" counter set (thanks César) and a new "sunflower" counter set (thanks Realia)
- the information of box belonging (1st or 2nd) given for articles in the admin's documents list (thanks Pavol)
- added option for choosing Articles mark in articles boxes (thanks Pavol)
- added Hide Admin Button (by Nicolas Alves)
- added Quick Article Admin Access (by Nicolas Alves)
- "Become a member" button label becomes "Your preferences" if user registered (by Nicolas Alves)
- show user name in the user box option (by Nicolas Alves)
- registered users can decide if they wish to appear in the online users list or not (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- tiny messages can be sent to online registered users (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times an article was read (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times a forum thread was read (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- added number of times a file was downloaded (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau). This counter does not work with the mobile version.
- added backup counter for next forum thread number
- upgraded eMailTo() function to accept additional specific e-mailing according to providers
- added the "-f" parameter in the e-mail sending function (thanks Michel)
- the eMailTo() functions works for the webhoster (with the use of the Protomail library, GPL licensed)
- added forum personalized signature for registered users
- call to documents in database is no more done through an include() PHP function call but through a ReadDoc() dedicated function
- fully reviewed all the Read & Write files access functions
- added category ordering information for FAQ
- added GetCurrentDateTime() and FormatDate() functions to ease various date and time formatings
- added new date formats and created time formats
- important source code upgrade in the inc/config[n].inc scripts
- added lookup for png and bmp images in IsImage() function
- removed style sheet CSS from inc/ and put it in a new inc/ file
- corrected a bug in the search script which would always say that articles found were in the 1st box (thanks Pavol)
- for faster output, pages are compressed before being sent to the web browser (for websites running PHP >= 4 and for web browsers which are able to work with compressed pages)
- secured command line parameters (Secunia Advisory: SA9621 about the lng parameter)
- added 3 additional free boxes (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- made many changes in all scripts to decrease size of database files

v2.3p1 - 03 August 2003
- corrected bug in which next page link button in mobile news was wrong (thanks airhero)
- bug correction: replaced include("") by include("inc/") in (thanks Eddie)

v2.3 - 27 July 2003
- added dynamic/list menu option
- user news post: even if written in one language, put the news in both languages (until the webmaster translates it)
- added three new smileys themes
- added two new icons themes (thanks B@lou and Florent)
- added case of only ONE news displayed on homepage (thanks Laurent Roger)
- added direct jump to pages (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- changed from "tutoiement" to "vouvoiement" in the French language strings (thanks Realia)
- minor font and text formating changes in search, quotations, general pages (thanks Realia and Nicolas)
- fixed security issue (thanks frog-m@n)
- fixed install script bug that would not launch home page when install files are erased
- added a "no logo" option
- WYSIWIG editor highly upgraded (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a calendar box (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- option for choosing the number of items to display in news, forum threads, links, downloads, FAQ and Guestbook moved from Site Config to Services Config
- homogenized central and lateral boxes rendering
- bug correction: accepts e-mails like " (accept "-" character). The check for the e-mail is not as exhaustive as it used to be but it checks for most bad input cases
- added quotations style management (by Nicolas Alves and Realia)
- added forms style management (by Nicolas Alves)
- removed link on counter's numbers in counter box
- changed from unformal "you" to polite "you" in the French version of this readme.txt file (by Realia)
- added a first lever of user preferences management by cookie
- added US date format management (thanks to Julien and to Realia for relaying the information)
- added choice for letting visitors submit news or not
- added search focused on one category (forum, articles, news...)
- added a manual maintainance form for changing characteristics of a document (creation and modification dates, author and e-mail)
- added basic editor capabilities for user input and in admin area (by Nicolas Alves and Laurent Duveau)
- smileys are now inserted at cursor position and no more at the end of text
- removed automated ErrorDocument management in .htaccess file for Apache servers (thanks Miche)
- upgraded WriteMailTo() function for better SPAM protection (thanks Michel)
- bug fix, papers from right articles boxes would not appear when left articles boxes was not active
- developed a GuppY extension adapted to Palm display capabilities (thanks Palmipod). Furthermore, this light display version is adequate for our blind friends who can now easily read a GuppY web site (thanks Hubert)
- images in side boxes are now always seen even if in the admin area (thanks Realia)
- added charset meta tag in the HTML print friendly version of articles (thanks Pavol)
- upgraded the d'installation / migration script
- added two new sample external scripts which integrate with GuppY (by Realia)
- if no category for an article, remove parenthesis in print friendly version of the article (thanks Realia)
- added an external script example integrated with GuppY which displays the news of the aldweb Site
- changed the order of Admin icons from a French alphabeutical sorting to one wanted to be more logical (thanks B@lou)

v2.2 - 18 APril 2003
- bug fix: "Times New Roman, serif" instead of wrong "Time New Roman, serif" (thanks Realia)
- bug fix: now current hour stats are also reset when required in Admin
- added thread message being answered to for reminder in
ipstats.dtb et ippoll.dtb
- changed source code for all accesses to the foreach() PHP function for compatibility with PHP3 as foreach() only works with PHP4
- changed source code for all accesses to the pathinfo() PHP function for compatibility with PHP3 as pathinfo() only works with PHP4
- renamed all $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­service[] variables to $ญญ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­serviz[] (for strange compatibility problems with some local Linux, the Mandrake one if I remember well)
- automatic directory change in Upload area (no more need to press a button for changing of directory)
- click on text formating tag copies tag to text in user post form
- new color selector in Site Config (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a WYSIWYG editor for content in Admin area (by Nicolas Alves, who worked from a script basis whose original author is very badly unknown => we would have loved to ask for his approval and to thank him!)
- some cleanup in the images organization has been made
- rewrote the install script which is now a real clean install and migration script

v2.1 - 10 March 2003
- fixed bug where Site URL and Meta Identifier URL were inverted
- fixed a bug in which Javascript functions could lead to errors if single quotes were passed to these Javascript functions
- click on smiley copies smiley to text (by Nicolas Alves)
- management of 40x errors (for Apache web server only)
- added a counter theme management (by Nicolas Alves)
- added a color management for the side scroll bar (by Nicolas Alves)
- focus on first field in input forms (by B@lou & Laurent Duveau)
- fully rewrote the database integrity check and repair module

v2.0 - 27 February 2003
- bug correction of the data validation in the user input forms
- set background color to transparent for the About and DB Check icons
- added metatags management (by Nicolas Alves & Laurent Duveau)
- added fixed background image option (thanks Maxrebo)
- site logo is no more a must, you can set up a site without a top left image logo now
- the admin cookie is now automatically unactivated when closing the browser, no more a 24 hours survival duration (thanks Marc)
- photos: corrected image file size calculation and merged the two boxes for photo displaying into one single box
- added three new icons themes, one was made by B@lou
- upgraded the Icon themes management (thanks Alex)
- added auxiliary indexes rebuild in index database rebuild
- added freebox and photo search
- added links to jump back in thread and forum (by Alex)
- removed input form on postguest form return & added back button to it
- added a Go back to Top of page link at bottom of pages
- added slogan display (thanks ßugs)
- added a more sophisticated photo display management (with photo description)
- added fortopic.php log (I forgot it in v1.9) and photorama.php log in Stats Log
- added a system for e-mail addresses encryption (protection against SPAM) even though they appear fine on the browser's window

v1.9 - 11 February 2003
- added update of statsbk.dtb and reset of ipstats.dtb when the visits counter value is manually modified
- in the admin services selection, category for forum presentation was slighly changed for showing better that it is a sub option of Forum area
- forum category added in the supervision e-mail sending
- a few minor bugs were fixed
- added a banners management
- added an extra box (so called 'free box')
- added an 'about' popup window
- database integrity check tool
- added an icons theme management

v1.8 - 05 February 2003
- changed the title's text for forum thread in admin (the text was not correct)
- title removed from Forum answers (was not needed and increased database size)
- corrected bug where search result to forum thread would go in error
- put back in inc/img/ the smileys that were removed by mistake in version 1.7
- bug correction in the eMailTo() function call, in counter box and visit
language without going back to index page (thanks Alex)
- changed a PHP function call to have GuppY compatible with PHP version < 4.1.0
- "invisible" bug fixed in search box

v1.6 - 23 January 2003
- new languages available: Spanish and Dutch
- improved translation: Anglais
- added a popup window to help choosing RGB colors
- slightly updated the supervision e-mail formating sent for guestbook
- added news publishing option for external sites (please refer to getmpnews.php script file)
- added transition effect option between pages (for IE browser only, no effect on the other browsers)
- display 10 forum messages rather than 5
- added option to let poster choose to hide or show his e-mail address on the site
- corrected bug that would not save ICQ number when it was entered
- added timer "page loaded in n.nn seconds" information
- wrote a migration script from version 1.5 to version 1.6

v1.5 - 10 January 2003
- remplaced the Lynx and WebTV browsers by iCab and DA
- upgraded the counter by creating a backup of its value in case it would be accidentaly deleted
- remplaced Hits by Visitors in the Stats module
- URL of guestbook posters now opens in a new broser's window

v1.4 - 07 January 2003
- upgraded the sent text in the supervision e-mails (stripslashes) for easier reading
- the counter supervision e-mail is now only sent one time
- upgraded the Stats module by creating one log file per hour (to avoid loosing too much data in case this file was accidentaly erased)
- bug correction in tracking hits

v1.3 - 06 January 2003
- bug correction in the Stats module (news, links, photos, poll, search and stats were counted as index)
- corrected version number of GuppY in the header of the readme.txt file
- added supervision services (the web site sends e-mails to the webmaster)
- use databases frth.dtb and forum.dtb introduced with v1.2 for quicker work on forum threads posts

v1.2 - 5 January 2003
- upgraded the displaying speed of all pages by creating an intermediate table that holds the information needed by the articles box
- accelerated the displaying speed of the Forum option
- fully rewrote the Statistics option that prooved to be much too slow for a web site that would have more than about 10 visitors per day.

v1.1 - 2 January 2003
- patch to avoid users to add records simultaneously on the same files (main problem found in the Stats)
- Users Post forms' look & feel upgraded (was not be beautiful for screen resolution inferior to 1024x768)

v1.0 - 30 December 2002
- initial release