Configuration (GuppY)

1.To manage the configuration of your site register as member ( preference box ).

2. Click on the Admin icon in the top bar.

3. A prompt for a password appears. Key in "pass" (without the quote marks). You will need to hurry up to change this default password on the administration menu !

4. And there you are, you find yourself in the administration interface.

5. The two first sets of icons are made to set the parameters of your web site (languages, look & feel, services to activate, etc...), to maintain it (but you don't need to do it yet) and to change the administration password (do it right now !). Take the time to fill in correctly the forms that are called by the 6 "Config" icons.
This step is obligatory.

6. All other icons allow you to manage the content of your web site with a very intuitive interface.


- At any time, you can reset your password to "pass" just by uploading back by FTP the admin/mdp.php file.
- After unloading your site by FTP you must update General management.
- Perhaps you will need to change acces rights for skin configuration files:
chmod skin/your_skin/ 666
chmod skin/your_skin/style.css 666